Social Locker Pro: WP Plugin to Viralize Content this 2023

Social Locker Pro is, for me, one of the best plugins I have seen to gain popularity on social networks with WordPress. It was mainly developed to get more shares and gain popularity on major networks.

This plugin has several modules, however, it comes with: Social Locker, dedicated to making our content go viral on the best social networks on the market. And of course, bring more traffic to our site.

social locker wordpress plugin

How does it work

The Social Locker Plugin is based on the "Local Storage" part of the browser. Once the user pays to reveal the locked content, in turn shares the page or post, also, the Locked Content is revealed until the time of the "Reset Locker" option has expired.

The plugin is compatible with Visual Composer, which allows you to easily edit an entire Row or Column.

Compatible Social Networks

Social Locker is the only WordPress plugin that integrates share buttons that work very well. Bring 60 options to share:

  • Facebook, 
  • Twitter, 
  • googleplus, 
  • LinkedIn, 
  • pinterest, 
  • Vkontakte, 
  • DiggDigg, 
  • Stumbleupon, 
  • Tumblr, 
  • reddit, 
  • yummy, 
  • Weibo, 
  • Xin, 
  • print-friendly, 
  • Emailsharing, 
  • Odnoklassniki, 
  • WhatsApp, 
  • bufferapp, 
  • shake me, 
  • evernote, 
  • GetPocket, 
  • Flattr, 
  • ManageWP, 
  • MySpace, 
  • yahoomail, 
  • GMail, 
  • hackernews, 
  • Blogger, 
  • Amazon, 
  • newsvine, 
  • Viadeo, 
  • DUBAN, 
  • Baidou, 
  • yammer, 
  • SMS, 
  • Viber, 
  • Telegram, 
  • Comments, 
  • LoveThis, 
  • AOL, 
  • flipboard, 
  • Send Email

Social Locker: Features

Pay with a Share or a Like

For your content to go viral and bring more traffic to your site, the best way is to spread it from the most popular social networks such as: FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

With Social Locker you can set a waiting time until the content is revealed or hit the share button. Without a doubt, the plugin has amazing built-in features. You can see more features of this Plugin through the following link:

See More Details of Social Locker Plugin


social locker wordpress plugin

Available Themes

You can place or customize the themes included in the plugin:

  • Default
  • Zipped
  • Zone
  • Majic Transparent
  • Clouddy
  • Dark's
  • overlocks

Compatible on Mobile Devices

The Social Locker plugin is fully adaptable to mobile device screens: tablets or smartphones. It brings with it some great themes that will surely make users want to pay with a share or a like.

Full documentation

It includes a step-by-step online guide from its installation, functions, what it integrates and how to use it step by step.

This ranges from tutorial with images and video tutorials.

Social Locker Plugin Review

This plugin has high recommendations to use on your site. Although it is a paid plugin, users have a great acceptance for its incredible functions that it includes.

Payment Plugin : it does not have a free version, however, its cost is very reasonable to acquire it. It has the Price of: $20.00

180 Comments : Most of the reviews are constructive criticism and great satisfaction for the plugin. It has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. With more than 4k of sales made. Without a doubt, the best WordPress plugin to gain popularity on social networks.

Support Included : If you are inclined to purchase, then this includes 6 months of support from the author. Also, you can extend the support up to 12 months for an added cost.

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